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"The investment I made with Jobie is one of the most enlightening and informative I’ve ever made; and given that it concerns my health that’s beyond huge.  So thank you."

-Stu S.


"If you want to turn over a new leaf, tackle your eating issues, beef up your workout plan and fortify your health the answer is to do one of Jobie's 12-Day Detoxes. You will gain insight into the choices you make and find an inner strength to make changes for a healthier life. I'm a veteran Detoxer with 6-7 detoxes under my belt. I love the accountability, the insight gained with each detox and onward and upward healthier living in my latter years."

-Peggie B.


"I did Jobie's 12-Day Detox because my experience with her showed that she would teach and challenge me in ways I wouldn't be able to accomplish on my own. I often lead groups, so being a part of a group like this was something I hadn't had access to anywhere else.  I'll definitely be doing all of Jobie's detoxes because it'll ensure that I continue to learn about my body and how to keep it healthy, as well as how to reach goals in a group setting."

-Lindsay L.


 "I strained my neck and was prescribed an oral steroid by a doctor. I had no idea I would have an allergic reaction to the medicine that would cause very disturbing symptoms, including a decrease in brain function and blood sugar problems. I went to various doctors who ran tests but were unable to come up with an explanation or diagnosis. After becoming increasingly alarmed at what was happening, I connected with Jobie. She made me feel at ease and, after implementing her advice, I started to restore brain function rapidly and my blood sugar started to stabilize. After a few weeks, I was able to return to driving and work. Not only did Jobie address my initial concern but she's helped me become a healthier version of my total self. I have no idea where I would be today without Jobie's support and guidance. I am thankful each day not only for my health but for Jobie who was able to get me there."

-Angie M.


 "I did Jobie's 12-Day Detox hoping to make some major changes in my eating choices and to learn new ways to eat good, healthy food. I came away invigorated and excited to continue my journey. I really loved the group support and having a "buddy" to check in with that kept us both accountable. I also made several new friends who I now workout with at the gym and who encourage me to stay on a healthy path. I would definitely do it again. I learned how many bad food choices I used to make and that there really are a lot of foods that I like that are so much better for me. I look forward to learning even more new things in future detoxes and also look forward to meeting more new people who have similar goals as myself. Jobie is an incredible teacher who is there for you every step of the way. She really makes it easy to follow the plan and to stay on track to accomplish whatever goals you have for yourself."

-Denise B.

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