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Jobie's Accountability Facebook Group


We all know how easy it is to "fall off the wagon" in any venture, whether it be weight loss, money management, or breaking a bad habit.  It's so much easier to succeed when you have a group of like-minded people encouraging you and cheering you on along the way.  It also is helpful to have access to reliable information and resources along the way.

My Accountability Facebook Group is a fantastic, low-cost way to stay on track with your goals.  It's more than just a social group: it's a valuable resource for health-related information.  In addition to just being a place you can go to share posts with other health-conscious friends, I provide you:

  • A weekly video with healhty-living tips

  • A weekly cooking demonstration video of delicious recipes

  • A weekly video with workout ideas and tips

  • Information on dietary supplements

  • Games and challenges to stay in shape

  • A Q&A section where you can ask me and other members for information

  • Tips for finding great products at grocery stores

  • Tips for mindful living

  • Video chats on health-related topics

Win a Free Detox!!

Join my Accountability Facebook Group

and enter to win a

FREE12-Day Detox!  

The contest runs between each scheduled detox.

It's simple! You record your weight at the beginning of the challenge.  In 3 months, the person who has lost the highest percentage of their starting weight (not total pounds!) wins a free Detox!  That's a $260 value! But you have to be in the group to play!


Sign up for my group today to enter!

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